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Myrah Beverly
First Name: Myrah (my-ruh). Means "princess", apparently.

Last Name: Beverly. Means "beaver dam" apparently.

17. Black & Asian Muslim. Zombie.

Fun snippet: Currently, I'm self-teaching five languages: Arabic, Korean,  Malay, Japanese, and Spanish. However, I had a formal education in Arabic from the age of 8 to 14,  a formal education in Spanish since 6th grade and I'm a Malay heritage (native) speaker. I'm all for the unity in diversity ideal, and I want to be a diplomat or translator, so that's why I'm learning so much! Since, language and culture are so close, I believe by understanding languages, you can understand people as a whole better. Different languages are constantly in my head, and I weirdly develop different cultural mannerisms.

Bonus fun fact: I used to want to be a musician for about four years, and I love writing, playing and listening to all kinds of music (even country, metal, and EDM ). I gave music up, but it's my other heart.

I hope life treats us well together!!

Myrah Beverly, Staff Writer

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