School is not a Fight Ring, it’s where you begin your life. Not ruin it. 

Christopher Hermanson and Jared Neff, Contributors to Scratch Paper

School is the most important and the most exciting time of anyone’s life. It’s what leads you to the new path and success in your Adulthood life. You make the best with relationships, and ever-lasting friendships and move towards positive insight and lifestyle. In school, you  sometimes lead to being stressed, emotional, and on edge. In high-school, grades 9th-12th, you decide your path that will be in the “Real World”, where you begin a journey, a family and a great impact on the world. When having life issues or struggles, you become more aggressive and stressed.  This can lead into unexplained explosions, such as fighting in school. Fighting in school or even outside of school can disrupt the positive impact you have and are making. To make sure you avoid this involvement and disruption, follow these preventive measures that will help fulfill a positive and strong motivated school experience. 

School is not a Fight Ring, it’s where you begin your life. Not ruin it. 

Some ways to avoid fighting

Understand that stress can be good and bad; therefore, talk to guidance counselors and or any staff member/person in your life you trust.

When approaching a conflict with another student, think before you act or do.

Find an alternative outlet to let frustration out and stay in a positive mindset.

Identifying these circumstances are important in a young-adults life because life can be difficult in or outside of school. If you are having trouble outside of school, you can still reach out to someone before getting involved in a bad choice. All staff members in school are there to help, resolve conflicts, and keep you pushing forward in a positive movement. 


What are some long term effects after fighting:


Fighting can disrupt a positive school atmosphere

Social conflict can be impacted when fighting 

Fighting can lead to a rough lifestyle and issues with your parents

Anyone choosing to participate and go to college can have a college application suspended

Fighting can lead to suspension in school or even expulsion

Arrest and legal charges can be placed against you, and this goes with you for life!

You don’t want to miss out on college or fall behind with grades and classes. These are the reasons why we should improve preventing fighting and let any fellow classmate be reminded that it causes more issues rather than having the conflict resolved.  Life is special and you get one chance to make it perfect. You can’t rewind choices and go back to the past. Make smart choices. Fighting does not resolve a conflict, but instead, you can ask a dean or councilor to have an intervention and talk face-to-face about these issues you may have; therefore, find a more mature way to resolve these conflicts, talk out your issues with strong communication rather than resorting to violence. You have to find a coping mechanism when you feel: stress, anger, frustration and or thoughts of wrong decisions. This could be music, talking to a trusted adult or friend, drawing or anything that calms you down that’s suitable, reliable and safe. 



Some positive Coping Mechanisms include:


Calm yourself down with music

Talk to a family member

Talk to a trusted friend 

Rely on school counselors and Staff they are here to help you!

Follow and do a positive hobby that calms you down

Find something that makes you happy and calm

Talk to your teachers or a coach


When fighting, you can injure and harm people around you, teachers, and anyone trying to stop the fight. School is supposed to feel like a second home, not a playground. Students want to feel safe and confident in this environment. 

Fighting does not improve anything positive. The issue you have with another student will never be resolved within fighting, it only escalates problems and the issue will still be there. Find a more mature way to communicate. Communication is the key to success.



Some reasons why people resort to fighting and how we can try to understand and remember about some fellow students what they deal with!  If you have a friend who deals with any of these issues look to try and get them help!


Life issues

Conflict at home

School stress 

Bad environment

Socially awkward

Anger issues


These things to remember are to help develop thoughts about other fellow classmates. If you or someone knows something serious or dangerous about another student’s life, tell a staff member. This can help prevent fighting and an outburst in school. Your school will reach out to that student and help develop a positive way to find a resolution for them.

Don’t film and encourage fighting. This can lead to having you phone confiscated and reviewed. Encouraging fighting can lead to the same issues in school and outside of school, such as: school suspension, and struggles at home.

School is supposed to feel like a safe and positive environment. Fighting disrupts other fellow students. If involved, it can lead to trouble in your life too. If you know about any fight that is suppose to happen, tell security, staff, deans or even the principal. Understand that teachers are and can be your role models and can be a confidant to help avoid a conflict. Have respect, integrity and maturity when walking in our school doors.


We are a family in school. Think about others and their life/lifestyles. Be nice to other students and respectful and responsible. Don’t provoke troubled students, but rather be a friend and an outlet. Join clubs to stay busy and find new friendships. Avoid contact with bullies and report them. School is what makes you become a mature adult and encountering these struggles and dissolving them is what makes you learn and become a positive role model. Be a role model, prevent fighting, and live out the best of your High School Years.