Warren’s Way Will Save the Day!

Warrens Way Will Save the Day!

Jordan McAllister, Contributor to Scratch Paper

Masks up!

The school year has started and we are back in person. Last Tuesday was our first day here at
Warren, and seeing familiar faces and crowded hallways never felt so surreal.

It’s crazy to think that we won’t have to go back to E-Learning as long as everyone follows the Warren
Way. The Warren Way is a set of priorities and guidelines we should follow to help us get back
in the swing of things.

Fellow students and teachers gave me their feedback on how the Warren Way played a part in
their back to school experience.

When asked about how respect is an important factor in the classroom, a classmate of mine
responded, “Without respect in the classroom, no one is heard. Respecting your teacher
benefits your learning because you are acknowledging them taking their time to teach you.”
Another important factor in the Warren Way is resilience.

A student was asked what resilience means to her and she said that “being resilient helps us
overcome challenges not only with our work, but in life. I think Covid has shown us that
resilience is needed more than ever right now.”

When we follow the Warren Way each day, we are putting our best foot forward to be
successful in school and life. This is why it is vital we uphold these expectations to make it
through the year.

Not only should students uphold these expectations, but teachers as well.
A science teacher at Warren was asked how the Warren Way affects him as a teacher.
He replied, “Teaching students is something not everyone can do and having the principles of
the Warren Way better helps me understand how I can guide and teach them so that they can

The Warren Way is a great example on how we should all act in school. If we keep this up, we
should be looking forward to a normal year, well with masks of course.