Who’s on the Ballot: Lake County Circuit Court Clerk

Ava Palo

The Lake County Circuit Clerk manages and keeps all of the legal documents for the County. It’s who you go to if you need a marriage license, a passport, to pay fines, and more. However, it is more than just one person. Currently, over 130 people work in the Clerk’s Office all around the county. This Office is vital to the judicial system. 


Erin Cartwright Weinstein, Democrat Candidate, Incumbent

Ms. Cartwright Weinstein was elected as the Circuit Court Clerk in 2016. In her four years of service, she has begun the process of digitizing all court documents, with the goal of eventually becoming 100% digital. She has also fought for the clerks, as they recently unionized and were able to receive living wages. Ms. Cartwright Weinstein has effectively cut costs around the board, compared to her predecessor. In the next four years, she hopes to streamline the paper process through digitization and be transparent with the people.

Gloria Schmidt Rodriguez, Republican Candidate

Ms. Rodriguez wants to shake things up in the Clerk’s office. She views the current management as overcomplicated and wishes to provide a clear cut process. Ms. Rodriguez seeks to provide equal access to attorneys for people with disabilities and people who do not speak English. Another one of her goals is to improve the working environment through establishing positive recognition in the The Circuit Clerk’s Office Policy Manual.


The Daily Herald held a debate between the two candidates on September 20th. Check it out here: https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20200920/video-watch-the-full-debate-between-weinstein-and-rodriguez-in-race-for-lake-county-circuit-court-clerk


For a direct interview with each candidate (and the source of information above) check it out here: