The Finals of 2018

December 13, 2018


The time of Christmas songs, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas movies, and everything Christmas. Also the time of writing resolution lists, buying last-minute gifts, making up tests, and worrying about finals.

For those who are still untouched by the stress of finals, props to you.

But, for the rest of us who are stressed and getting little amounts of sleep worrying about the semester grades, GPA, tests, and all the other tests/quizzes to come over the course of this week, below listed are some ways you can overcome the stress:

  1. De-Stress Fest – On December 14, this Friday, Warren will be hosting a De-Stress Fest to which all students are welcome. There will be coloring, games to play, and a therapy dog whose cuteness will make you completely relaxed and ready for Finals. If this sounds like something you want to go to, drop by the gym during your lunch or study hall periods and de-stress!
  2. Listen to Music – According to Elite Daily Magazine, listening to music helps establish a studying rhythm and heightens focus for most students. Music can relieve stress and helps lower blood pressure. Music can also trick your mind into enjoying studying.
  3. SLEEP!!! – It’s probably easier to tell someone to sleep during Finals when you don’t really don’t do that yourself, but truly, sleeping is the best way to keep away from stress and have a clear mind going into Finals. If you’re too stressed during Finals, you will mess up. So, eat, workout, and sleep! Stay Healthy. 
  4. Watch some sitcoms – No. Watching sitcoms the whole time will not help you one bit during Finals. However, doing something that will make you laugh, like watching good sitcoms (Office or Parks and Rec?) can help you release some stress. Just make sure that you don’t completely lose yourself watching Friends.
  5.  Get Organized – Get help from your teachers. Bring your grade to a comfortable position. Work on study guides. Stick to a schedule; make a schedule that allows space for breaks. Think about the end goal. Stay organized. Do not fall apart so close to the end.


To end, a caveat:

Remember the rabbit and turtle race? The story where the rabbit runs super fast and works very hard to win, but near the end, it looks back at the turtle making its way slowly, and the rabbit thinks, “The turtle is so far away. I can afford to sleep for a while.” So, the rabbit goes to sleep and the turtle slowly walks past the rabbit to the end line. The turtle wins the race and the rabbit is still asleep.

The rabbit lost this race, not because of its lack of agility, but because it slacked off in the end.

I’m not saying this to increase stress, but keep in mind that this is Finals time. Do not overwork yourself, but do not underwork yourself either. Don’t become like the rabbit and get lazy when you’re so close to the end.


In conclusion, get organized, laugh, sleep, stay healthy, listen to music, go to the De-stress fest, and do not lose sight of your end goal.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!


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