Why You Should Start Shopping Second Hand

Why You Should Start Shopping Second Hand

Over the past couple of years, second hand shopping has gained an insane amount of popularity. From Goodwill to Salvation Army to any local thrift store, second hand shopping can be found anywhere and is accessible to everyone, due to its typically low cost. Shopping second hand has a lot of benefits and can help you improve your personal style or the environment. So, let’s break down these benefits and maybe you’ll discover a whole new market full of some really cool and unique pieces.

A huge reason why you should shop second hand is that you will save a lot of money. With inflation at an all time high in America, everything from gas to groceries to clothes has become incredibly expensive, and, believe it or not, those high prices won’t be going away anytime soon. As a solution, you can often find secondhand goods up to 70% cheaper than you could if you were buying new, which is a major discount. Plus, when you consider that Americans spend over a trillion dollars annually on nonessential goods, those savings can add up.

Did you know that it takes almost 1,800 gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans? When you think about what goes into creating new products, it isn’t just the labor and materials. Energy and our nation’s limited natural resources also contribute to the creation of those goods. In other words, each product that is manufactured is responsible for some level of depletion of natural resources, which is why shopping second hand is so vital. Not only does buying used reduce the number of natural resources being utilized, it also reduces the amount of energy used and the pollution that’s being emitted. And, the best part about buying second hand is saving items from being put to waste, and instead, giving them a second life.

Another benefit to thrift shopping is where your money ends up. Thrift stores are often a fundraising extension of a non-profit. So, not only can you feel good about saving money and the environment, but depending on where you shop, you’ll also be supporting local causes. Plus, if you were to spend that money at a large corporation for newly made products, it wouldn’t make any impact in your community.

For the final reason, (which is my personal favorite) second hand shopping can feel like a scavenger hunt. I find that searching second hand stores for specific items and pieces you really want rather than just taking a trip to the mall is so much more fun. The unique goods you find at thrift stores are worth every penny and most likely can’t be found anywhere else.

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