Zach Relova Senior Reflection


It’s hard to take in the fact that I have made it this far. I’m certainly not the brightest of students at school nor the most popular, so to see that I’ve accomplished so much over the span of four years leads me to believe that I have it lucky.

I dedicated so much time and work in high school to the point where I was practically living there. Doing academics and band and theatre have put me in a position where I was running around school for up to twelve hours a day. It may seem like I didn’t really have much of a life but truthfully my life was school. I have the fondest memories from playing in the drumline or rehearsing for shows, and from these activities I have made some of my closest friends.

Moreover, some of these friends have been around since my grade school days, and the time spent in high school elevated those relationships to a greater level of intimacy. It seemed like only yesterday that we were all a bunch of naive kids playing on playgrounds and taking it easy, but now we are adults and that realization hits like a door to the face. I can not imagine a future without seeing my besties and acquaintances alike day in and day out in the hallways. These people I’ve known for more than just four years will be off to many different corners of the earth and it is honestly scary. It is sad to admit that many of the class of 2019 will not see each other again for a long time, maybe even forever, but as the cliche goes, “such is life”.

In retrospect, this is all just melodramatic bickering but the emotions are pulling on my heart. I can’t ignore the fact that I really will miss many of my friends and the time I’ve spent in school. There really is no clean, concise way to put these feelings into words, or at least not in my capability. My only solution to this problem is to just let it all out in hopes that anyone reading this can relate and find comfort in the fact that they are not alone in this process of moving on. My best wishes go out to everyone. May the future treat us well.