Retiring Network Administrator, Howard Yundt

Mr. Yundt, as network administrator, is a highly industrious individual who, despite his busy schedule in handling all of business relating to tech at Warren, was able to share about himself and his time here.

He begins, “I graduated in 1986 from Troy State University with BAS in Electronics Management, and I have traveled to the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, San Diego in California, and Pensacola in Florida for my education.

I have been working for WTHS since April 1998, but my prior career was with the US Navy as a Cryptologic Technician Maintenance technician. I started as a recruit and promoted upwards to the rank of Chief Petty Officer in 7.75 years. (Normal promotion to CPO was 12-15 years.)

I was then selected for Officer’s Candidate School and became an officer, and I retired as an LT. I am not sure how I plan to spend my retirement, but I will definitely miss having to spend so many hours each week working. I don’t think I will be able to sit still!” he says, his sarcasm and witty personality in full gear.

“When I am not working, I study many subjects and learn how to use many things that technology has changed over the months. I constantly overcome the avalanche of tech changes.

Most, I will miss the staff at Warren. I always liked working with them and trying to make our network better to support teaching staff. One of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had at Warren is seeing technology made available to staff and students to transform the educational environment.

I know of Warren grads that work for Amazon, Google, Zebra Technologies, etc., and one lesson I have for students is to always learn and always strive to do better.

If I could teach any class at Warren, I would teach Project Lead the Way. The Tech team with Ms. Ferrara, and Robotics with Mr. Green are clubs that I would have loved to be a part of as a student. I hope for Warren’s future that every student will learn how to succeed.”

We sincerely thank Mr. Yundt both for his empowering words and services to the school for all of these years!