Coco Movie Review


Jennifer Barrera, Staff Writer

Coco Movie Review


Written by Jennifer Barrera


A beautiful movie about family and chasing your dreams To not forget that your family is there to guide you and that you must chase your dreams. These are the two main lessons I learned from this film. A boy that went by the name of Miguel whose family has forbidden the sound of music. No music has been the rule for several generations of Miguel’s family, a rule to which everyone but Miguel can follow. On his journey to becoming a musician, Miguel comes to the Land of the Dead where he meets his ancestors. While trying to get back to the Land of the Living, Miguel must get a blessing from a family member that gives him the condition of not playing any music to which Miguel cannot accept. He decides to go and find his idol and who he believes to be his great-great-grandfather, Ernesto de la Cruz. Along with a mystery man that he meets along the way, Hector, he will be able to discover new wonders as they journey together to find his great-great-grandfather. This film will take you through highs and lows but it’s an amazing family movie that takes you through Miguel’s journey to becoming a musician and learning what it is that truly matters. 

Now here is where my opinion comes in and it might seem a little exaggerated but it’s my honest opinion. I loved it. I loved the colors. The music. The graphics. And the overall plot of the movie. It was just beautiful and well put together. The colors were so bright and colorful and they just cheered you up as you saw them appear on the screen. The music made the little hairs on my arms rise. The songs were so beautiful and so peaceful that they make you want to sing and dance to them. The graphics and the animation of the movie give it a more childlike appeal but it’s just a movie that warms my heart. How they were able to make it so detailed, I have no clue but it must’ve taken so much time to do. When I saw Miguel’s abuela (grandmother), I literally got memories of my grandma, how beautiful they both looked and it just brought me to more tears. Overall, I just really loved the story of the film. Its so well put together and I felt like I could personally relate to it because it included a celebration that my culture takes part in and my actual culture. When they were able to describe what Día de Los Muertos was and actually get it right it just made me feel happy inside and I loved how they actually put so many parts of my culture in it. This is a movie that my whole family was able to enjoy and to laugh and cry at. The crying part was mostly done by me as I’m one of those people that actually cry during movies. But anyways, getting to the point, I totally recommend this movie. It’ll make you laugh and cry (maybe) and it’ll teach you a few things about family, dreams and some Mexican culture too. Plus its a Disney and Pixar movie, so its gotta be good. If you do watch it, I do hope you enjoy it just as much as I did. Adios!