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Black Friday Blurb

Lianna Kowalke, Co-editor November 15, 2016

Black Friday is best known for its crazy deals and the even crazier consumers that come along with it. As the first day after Thanksgiving, the last major holiday before Christmas, Black Friday marks the...

Thanksgiving Travels

Lianna Kowalke, Co-editor November 15, 2016

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays- or is there? Thanksgiving brings a brief, but welcomed, break from school for most students. And while Thanksgiving is often regarded as a time to spend...

Words from a Creative Writer

Josselyn Salgado, Contributor November 14, 2016

  Alberto Larra is a senior at Warren Township High School. He is known for being the president of AVANZA Future Latino Leaders, and he is also known for his exceptional writing. He had creative...

Supershow 2017

Susan Tran, Contributor November 14, 2016

Auditions for the 2017 edition of Supershow are coming up on December 1st and 2nd! Supershow, which is hosted by International Club, is Warren's talent and cultural showcase held yearly at the end...

Head Coach’s insight on this year’s wrestling season

Humera Khaleel, Contributor November 14, 2016

“I would like to win conference, I don’t think we have done that ,in the history of Warren, that’s our goal this year.” Coach Jobst, the head Coach of Wrestling, replied when asked the question:...

Fuego, Pánico, y Silenco

Myrah Rafiah Beverly, Contributor, and November 14, 2016

Finalmente estoy viviendo Una vida que me fascina Entra en mi corazón, amor brillante Gran espacio entre nosotros Oigo amor llamarme por siempre  ××× Primero, horror míreme...

Cinematic Cheatsheet

Jack Berens, Co-Editor November 14, 2016

Although the year is ending, your memories at the movie theater don't have to! Embrace the warmth of cinema while Midwestern temperatures stir outside. Major Movie Releases for Fall/Winter 2016 November...

Playlist: Languages around the World

Playlist: Languages around the World

Myrah Rafiah Beverly, Contributor November 14, 2016

Spanish DVICIO: This is a five member boyband based in Spain. They gained popularity from their YouTube video, "Enamorate (en el coche)". Songs: "Quizás", "Enamorate", "Nada" Cirse: This is...


Alex Garner, Contributor November 14, 2016

under our beds they lurk, reaching for our dangling feet inside our heads they feed, preying on our fears and dreams Mommy and Daddy told me I was just being silly, that this was a "kid thing", and...

A Not So New Year

A Not So New Year

Jessica Lim, Contributor November 14, 2016

The celebration of a new year has been around for nearly four thousand years. Mesopotamians began the new year with the vernal equinox during the middle of March, whereas the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and...

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