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Glennon-Aid or Downgrade?

Glennon-Aid or Downgrade?

Jack Berens, Co-editor March 20, 2017

On March 10 the everlasting Jay Cutler Era expired in accordance with the Mike Glennon Era's commencement.  Once he touch downed in Chicago, the 2013 third rounder Glennon gleamed of optimism due to...

March Top 10 Fun Facts

March 13, 2017

Everyone knows that March is the month for St. Patrick's Day, spring break, and spring. But have you ever wondered what else makes March so interesting? Here are 10 fun facts about March! International...

President Trump’s First 50 Days

Myrah Beverly, Contributor March 13, 2017

President’s Trump’s presidency began on January 20th, and in his inauguration speech broadcast across the nation, he made theses promises: “Together, we will make America strong again. We will make...

Stirring the Patriotic Pot

Myrah Rafiah Beverly, Contributor March 13, 2017

In my history class, I see Americans fight for their freedom and independence in the American Revolution. We study their stamina, their determination, and their fractious nature that becomes the foundation...

Falling in Love and Counting to 10

Myrah Beverly, Contributor March 13, 2017

Ten. A young girl, a pink bathroom, a dark corner. Nine. I never thought I would metamorphose into this being; you only find me in dumb teen romance films. You are worth living over, fast forwarding...

Inside the Dye

Alexine Siwy, Contributor March 13, 2017

Dyeing the river itself is a pretty straightforward and simple process that only takes 45 minutes.  A crew arrives in the morning on the edge of the river wearing smocks and ragged clothes with two small...

Meme of the Month – March

Hailey Szadowski, Contributor March 13, 2017

This month's meme is "What in Tarnation?" Derived from the rhetorical question "what in damnation," it is a parody of a phrase used often in the South in order to express confusion. Additionally, the meme...

6 Ideas for Spring Break Staycations

Riley Doyle, Contributor March 13, 2017

The months between winter and spring break seem like an eternity.  The quizzes, tests, assignments, and papers that pile up in just over three months can take a huge toll on a student's already jam-packed...

Zuckerberg for 2020 President?

Jack Berens, Co-editor March 13, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg's charity hired Barack Obama's 2008 campaign manager and George W. Bush's 2004 campaign manager in mid-January and has since begun his tour of the country.  He penned a 5,700 word Facebook...

2017 Bold Bracket Predictions

Jack Berens, Co-editor March 13, 2017

Every year in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament upsets wreck brackets and shock the nation.  Of course, for an upset occur, an underdog must take down a powerhouse.  Before the tournament...

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