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A Modest Paragon

Sophia Diaz, Staff Writer September 25, 2017

Diligently finishing an assignment for her Masters' German class, the pragmatic young woman paused at the sound of a knock on the door. A tall Mormon man entered, dressed in slacks and a long dark brown...

Unconventional Love Poem: Literary Longing

Lauren Kim, Staff Writer September 25, 2017

Legs falling asleep. Tea lukewarm. Fingers brushing against the soft pages.   The sun kisses my curled up body by the half-open window. The birds sing a melody to match the story. The cool breeze...

Prom Fundraising: Thursday September 28th

Lauren Kim, Staff Writer September 25, 2017

Yes, prom! We hear the word and nearly jump with joy. The dresses, parties, of course we want to go! However, if we want to keep the prices for prom down, come to the prom fundraiser at Tacos El Norte...

Football Varsity Warren vs Lake Forest

Football Varsity Warren vs Lake Forest

Alexis Bell, Staff Photographer September 25, 2017

LOVE (a haiku collection)

LOVE (a haiku collection)

Myrah Rafiah Beverly, Staff Writer September 25, 2017

clandestine lover whisper to my ear only EDM sounds cool ~ I'll sit patiently time frosts over in autumn Two-day shipping ~ intangible heart refreshing view from heaven direct deposit hit  

Suede skirts and jackets are back! The jacket goes with literally everything and its the perfect go-to on a chilly day.

Fall Trends 2017

Jessica Lim, Chief of Layout, Staff Writer September 18, 2017

With the changing leaves come changing styles. Stores are quickly swapping out bright summer wear in favor of warmer fall tones. Here are this season's popular picks.

Who Is He?

Swetha Mathai, Staff Writer September 18, 2017

He is noticed by observers, His encouragement and energy come around, "I want to dream. I don't want expectations

Teens have to wake up early for school, but it could have negative health effects

Should Schools Start Later in the Morning?

Anushka Agashe, Staff Writer September 18, 2017

Every week, teenagers lose about nineteen hours of sleep, which equals about two nights out of the seven in a week. It’s no wonder that teens are severely sleep-deprived at school. This is a problem...


Swetha Mathai, Staff Writer September 18, 2017

Admired Beauty Beloved Crown Confident Courageous Desirable Exquisite Flawless Fairness Grace Gorgeous Glory Gold Goddess Greatness Honor Highness Invincible Jewels Keen Loyal Majesty Marvelous Noble Optimistic Perpetual Perfection Quiet Royal Richness Respect Red Strong Sophisticated Tender Tolerant Throne Understanding Utmost Victorious Valiant Worthy Wise X-trodinary Young Zealous

Fun Facts About Poland

Fun Facts About Poland

Marlyn Gajek, Staff Writer September 18, 2017

People don't know a lot about Poland, but what they do know is that Poland has gotten attacked a lot. Though to know about Poland, you'll first need to know how it has become. Well no one knows for sure,...

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