2019 9/11 Memorial

Marlyn Gajek, Staff Writer

On September 11, 2001 there was a terrorist attack. This terrorist attack shocked the nation and the world and had damaged homes by taking the lives that live in them. This past year was the eighteenth anniversary and Warren Township High School made a memorial for it. The Young Americans for Freedom went out to the grass in front of the school, next to the Almond Road. They took American flags and placed them in the shape of 9/11 and behind it was a sign that said “Never Forget”. After the memorial, pins were given out to show that we’ll never forget, and many students paraded around the school wearing them.

While this was sitting out for everyone to see, Tech Campus third session made a memorial of their own, that the firefighters, criminal justice, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) took part of. Criminal justice first marched up and presented the nation’s flag and the three classes took the pledge. Firefighters put out a complete firemen suit: helmet, jacket, and shoes. EMS put out a stethoscope, medical bag, and working boots. Criminal justice put out a police hat and a utility belt. The students of the firefighting unit and the EMS went out and called the names of those who have lost their lives and heroes, and after every name that was called the American flag was folded. Once this was done the flag was handed to the teacher of the fire fighting unit and then they rung the bell three times, three times. During the ceremony, the majority of the other Tech Campus classes joined them in the memorial, along with many of the police forces, fire fighters, and other types of professions came out to join the mourning of their fallen comrades.