A Health of Information

Jack Berens, Co-Editor

Warren’s Healthy Devils club has already caught its stride in its very first year.

Healthy Devils meets every other Wednesday in the O’Plaine Campus’s Faculty Cafeteria from 3:30 to 4:00 with the goal of educating Warren students and the community on how to lead healthy lifestyles.

The club’s sponsors, Mrs. Shapiro and Ms. Tragarz, host a conversational and informative discussion about different focuses they have toward current health awareness subjects. The current aim is to inform students about how they can be free from alcohol, violence, tobacco, drugs, and violence as Red Ribbon Week approaches from October 23 to October 31. Students also browsed and highlighted the results of the Warren survey students took last year regarding their health, and many students voiced their delight over the promising results. Significantly fewer students used alcohol and marijuana than students thought in the survey; additionally, the majority of students also did not associate drugs with “being cool” or positive social effects. The ultimate goal is to translate these findings and other drug/violence-free information to Warren students in order to promote good health.

Club members brainstormed over how to use social media, posters, and survey results to encourage students to lead drug and violence-free lifestyles, and the meeting centered upon this conversation between club members and sponsors. Mrs. Shapiro expressed that new Healthy Devils members are always welcome, and that the member sweetspot for the club are those who are “interested in promoting good choices they already make.” Conveying that many students already do “a lot of great things” already in the Warren community, she reported that she hopes to channel the positive efforts of these students in order to lead others to join in healthy lifestyles.

Mrs. Shapiro was sure to punctuate the dynamic nature of Healthy Devils in that there are new focuses throughout the year. In her eyes Healthy Devils’ first year goals are to “build membership, promote mental health [and] Red Ribbon Week [with a focus on healthy decisions] post-prom.” The club tunes itself to address different focuses throughout the year in order to maximize healthy decisions at Warren and in the community. At the crux of Health Club Mrs. Shapiro hopes Warren students don’t forget that “it’s easy to do the right thing.”

Healthy Devils meets next on Wednesday, October 5 and welcomes any Warren students who do the right thing and want to encourage others to be the healthiest they can be.