A Movie Review: Love, Simon


Photo by 20th Century Fox via the Creative Commons license.

Lauren Kim, Staff Writer

Dear the Golden Blue readers,

If you have seen Love, Simon in theaters already then you may already understand why the word “blue” was emphasized. The movie starts off with our main character Simon typing up an email to the mysterious student named Blue who mentioned that he was gay on a blog. Simon immediately jumps to his computer and shares his lifelong secret with this anonymous student… he’s also gay. To put it short, the movie focuses on how Simon overcomes and struggles through the norm of his daily life, then finally allows the world to see his true self and identity–and it was beautifully well made and a complete joy to watch in theaters.

Rating at a 92% on Rotton Tomatoes, I can say for sure it is definitely a movie worth the money (even a stingy person like myself would pay to watch the movie again). I know we all may love a cute and hilariously relatable movie, however, in my opinion, Love, Simon truly emphasized the modern-day internal struggles that many students may go through in their lives. The journey Simon experiences can not only be engaging with those who identify themselves as bi-sexual or transgender, but the whole film also draws attention to high school life including all the drama, bullying, rumors, and the horrors of social media. I cried, laughed, and clapped through the whole 1 hour and 50 minutes of the film, enjoying the touching and emotional aspects of each scene. Themes of love, friendship, and family play a huge role in this movie, and it was amazing to see all generations sitting together in the theaters to watch this production in the cinema. Probably, one of my favorite movies now, I recommend it to everyone! 

Love,  Simon