A quick recap of Ms. Swanson #1 , here at Warren


Dara Stephanie Santin-Zendejas , Scratch Paper - Staff Member

Ms. Swanson graduated from the University Of Wisconsin Eau Claire , May of 1988. She started her teaching career in Wisconsin but shortly after her first year she accepted a teaching position here at Warren for the fall of 1989. She has been working here at Warren for approximately 30 years in the math department.

Ms. Swanson has had a great impact on her students, her way of teaching truly reflects the way she cares about all of them. She loves knowing that some of her former students are now teachers themselves here at Warren.

For example, Ms. Lainio and Ms. Leach are both former students of Ms. Swanson. Outside of teaching Ms. Swanson has sponsored a few outside organizations and clubs, namely GSA and the FDA. As a student of Ms. Swanson I can tell you she loves to stay in touch with the community and do whatever she can to stay active. 

Her biggest take away from working at Warren is how much talent and success her students have had. She has met students that are Artists, Skaters, Dancers, Runners, Speech members and much more! She loves to celebrate each and every accomplishment of her students and acknowledge the work they always put in.

In conclusion, Ms. Swanson has made such a great impact on her students and even Warren students that are not her own. I can truly advocate for how much the community will miss her, but her well earned retirement has come. During her retirement she plans to work a few times a year, and then she will find a warm place to visit as the cold months come around. 

Thank you Ms. Swanson for the efforts and the great impact you have had here at Warren!