A Sneak Peak into this Years Boys Basketball Season


Caralyn Whalen, Staff Writer

I am a big basketball fan and I’m super excited about this year’s upcoming Warren basketball season. After finding out we got a new head coach, I became curious about what to expect this season. Coach Ryan, the new head coach, used to coach at Carmel with his staff; He said, “When I got the job, the first thing I did was bring over some of my coaching staff from Carmel, where we had some successful years together so that really helped, and those guys were really eager to come as well.”

Coach Ryan was super excited about this year’s turnout at tryouts in early November, and is excited to get to know and coach these kids. “Doing a combination of individual skill work to get better individually so we can come together as a team and learn how to play together”, is one of Coach Ryan’s main goals. Coach Ryan, and the other coaches, value the team atmosphere and the improvement of the players and the team as a whole. The training plan will not only help the students improve individually, but also improve their teamwork skills and success in the future.

While we all want our sports teams to be successful, Coach Ryan and the other coaches are, “not putting an expectation win wise on how many wins [they] want to get this season”, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t striving for a conference championship this year. Coach Ryan said, “We’re not setting a limit on how far we can go, we just want to worry about getting better everyday”. The players are eager to get some wins under their belt and want to be successful this season, and after the impressive performance at the Mundelein-Grant Thanksgiving tournament over Thanksgiving break, I think Coach Ryan and his staff will improve this program and help the student athletes become the best they can be.