A Spring With No Sports

Lily Witkowski, Contributor to Scratch Paper

Friday, March 13th, the last day that would be considered “normal” for all high schoolers. Not only was this the last day for high schoolers, it was additionally the last day for all spring sport athletes.

Spring sports were just getting into the swing of things from finalizing teams, starting practices, and approaching the first game of the season. However, this pandemic of Covid-19 shut down everything instantly. The announcement came April 21st, around noon. Director Craig Anderson of the IHSA, did not feel that high schools in Illinois could continue the spring season safely. He stated that he and his team, “felt we could not conduct state tournaments that meet the expectations of our member schools this spring.” The director also expressed his sympathy for all spring athletes, especially seniors, who will be missing this season. Although spring sports may be canceled the rest of the school year, there may be light at the end of the tunnel if group gatherings are allowed in the summer. IHSA may provide some summer play for spring athletes.

It had felt as though everyone was optimistic about the pandemic, thinking that the spring season would be delayed by two weeks. Hopeful that after two weeks it would business as usual, and that those weeks missed of the spring season would have no effect on teams, players, or coaches. In the present circumstances, everyone knows that is not the case.

Having no sports in spring is unheard of, that is supposed to be the “normal.” No one would have thought that we would be in lock-down and taking social distancing measures for two months. Especially, no senior spring athlete would have thought that their junior year was their concluding year playing on the Warren Township fields. The class of 2020 athletes maintains some of the most talented people Warren has ever seen; from breaking personal and team records. The spring athletes had secured a promise to Warren showing that there would be regional, sectional and possibly state championships won this year. However, that currently goes unknown.

It is important to realize that the senior athletes are not just losing their season; they are losing the connections and friendships they have made with teammates at Warren over the course of four years. They are losing all those hours of conditioning and practice and most importantly they are losing the ability to say goodbye to the sport they fell in love with properly.

The spring athletes are unable to have a proper senior night ceremony. Senior night can be considered a ceremonial right of passage for athletes, they are celebrating the four years of hard work, success, and accomplishments they have made at Warren Township High School, and that ceremony not being celebrated in a genuine way; it is absolutely heart-breaking for all senior athletes.

Even though this pandemic has changed this year and ultimately the course of history, know that all coaches, teachers, and staff are feeling for each athlete and every student at Warren. Know this situation may knock us down a bit now; however, know it is certain we will all grow and become even stronger and more resilient than ever.  Remember we are BLUE-DEVILS!  PROUD AND STRONG the CLASS of 2020!