A Unique Graduation for the Class of 2020


Emely Castrejon, Staff Writter

Covid-19 has brought uncertainty in the lives of many people around the world. With what felt like years ago, was only a few months ago: March 14th, 2020. The day that everyone was preparing to have an extra week of spring break… or so many people thought. The academic and workforce was cut to quarantine for a couple of months following the guidelines of social distancing.

As Warren Township High School prepared to transition into remote learning for the remainder of the semester, many seniors had thoughts on how their senior year had been with remote learning: “It’s different, but as a senior, it has been great. The school has handled it (remote learning) well” said Ellie Frier. 

Ellie Frier, being in Speech team for her high school career, gives personal insight on how she will remember Speech and WTHS: “I loved it, the coaches were amazing. It was some of the best times… I’ll remember some of the friends I made and insane memories,”

While many seniors will indubitably remember this year as memorable, it is important to remember that Covid-19, quarantine, and remote learning affected many families across the Warren Community. 

“It’s been sad, simply because we can’t do the normal things we do” Andrea Hintz father stated. 

The Warren community felt sympathy for the class of 2020, as their senior year was being cut short through a virus and screen. From final pep rallies, decision day, to prom… the class of 2020 was not able to experience Warren’s traditions. 

One of the grand traditions within the USA that was celebrated differently this year, was the graduation for the class of 2020. The Warren Administration planned the graduation ceremony at the Almond Campus, with a twist of fun and excitement of walking the stage for seniors. The administration planned for the ceremony to be a drive thru parade, all while the seniors were able to walk the stage if they pleased to do so. The graduation ceremony was unlike the ordinary, causing the families of Warren to be astonished at the solution Warren created for graduation.

Victor Gallegos, a Schuler Scholar and graduating senior, was asked about what he thought about the graduation ceremony: “It’s a breath of fresh air, it’s great seeing the teachers and space each other out”

With obstacles of quarantine, balancing school and mental through remote learning, as well as thinking about the future, if there is one thing for sure, the senior class of 2020 “learned to cope with it day by day. And they’re still learning” (Briana Robles mother). 

We wish the class of 2020 the best and hope they take the skills they learned through these obstacles, as they take on new paths and challenges. The graduation ceremony may have been unique, and we hope they remember their graduation forever.