Activity Fair 2020-21

Antrita Manduva, Staff Writer

Looking to get involved at Warren, but don’t know where to get started? Are you a freshman hoping to make friends? Or are you just tired of having school all day?

Well, you are in luck for I am about to tell you about the Activity Fair!… online!

The Virtual Activity fair provides an opportunity for students to discover activities (clubs, competitive teams, service organizations, etc.) at Warren. I am one of the students involved in the creation of the Fair. Before anything else, here is the PPT to the Fair at this link. It is designed to be user-friendly with each category of activities having a roughly 2 minute student-video to explain the category and a dedicated slide to every activity Warren offers. Sports are not included on the slideshow, so if you are looking to get involved in athletics, find the Athletics tab under the Athletics and Activities page on Warren’s website (

The different categories represented at the Fair include:

Competitive Clubs:

These activities allow students to compete in tournaments, etc. They normally involve a lot of commitment outside of school as some, like Speech Team, are recognized by the IHSA (Illinois High School Association) at the same level as athletics.

Find Junior Maddux’s explanation of the category in detail on the PPT.

Drama/ Fine Arts:

This category is self-explanatory. It houses the performing arts sector of the school – from Choir to Band to Drama to Art. Clubs like Vocal Velocity, Drama Club, etc. would be found in this section.

Find Senior Josh talk about it more on the PPT!

Cultural Clubs:

Here we have the clubs which showcase our student body’s diversity. From Black Student Union (BSU) to French Club, this where you’ll find more information on each club.

Watch Senior Courtney discuss the category more on the PPT.

Honor Societies:

Want to join National Honor Society? Or perhaps do you excel in French or Spanish? Look into the Honor societies!

Watch Senior Lulu’s video on the PPT!


Ahh, Publications. Where would we be without our handy, dandy news websites churning out all the latest and breaking news to us?

Watch Brittney cover the category in detail on the PPT.

+ if you enjoy writing or hope to hone your skills; if you are passionate about the community; or if you are simply looking to get involved, then do consider joining Scratch Paper! All you have to do is contact our sponsor Mr. G for more information at [email protected]

Service Organizations:

Want to help out the community while meeting new people/ making some friends? Consider volunteering with out many service organizations.

Watch Senior Emely speak to this more on the PPT!!

Specific Interest Clubs:

We all have something that defines us. For some, that may be a culture or a background, but for others, it may be an interest and talent. If this sounds like you, then don’t miss out on the many specific interest clubs Warren offers, such as Astronomy club, Red cross, Warren Reads, etc.

Find Sophomore Kate explain the clubs in detail on the PPT.

I hope this helps you navigate the virtual Activity fair better and find the activity you call your home.