An Inside Look into the Boys Basketball Team

“If we stick together, we can honestly beat anyone in conference and out”


Josiah Lewis, Contributor to Scratch Paper

Strap in, this year’s Warren Township High School’s Varsity Boys Basketball team is about to go for a ride. Excitement is at an all time high as team is shaping up to be one for the books. In previous years, this team has had a solid lineup and this year is looking even better. These boys not only have the skills, but team chemistry on and off the court. I had the opportunity to talk with two members of this years team: Seniors Gavin Cartwright and Cooper Stacey.

Here is what Gavin and Cooper had to say about the upcoming season and how their team will compare to everyone else. “I think that together we have a lot of experience and have the talent to compete with anyone in that state. I think that if we stick together we can honestly beat anyone in conference and out.” Stacey said. While Gavin followed up with “with our chemistry we will win games”. As we know, this year’s team is profoundly known for having the best team chemistry, and having team chemistry is vital in having a good team. Team Chemistry can be a deciding factor in winning or losing games: being able to pick each other up and have a sixth sense where your teammates are at on the court. “I think being so comfortable with everyone it just improves talking on the court and helps us trust each other, knowing we are all going to make the right play” Stacey remarked. Plus, Cartwright and Stacey have known each other since 5th grade, so their bond is pretty cemented.

Coming off of a 1-5 shortened season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the boys are ready to bounce back. Many on the team are returning Varsity players, with some swaps for 2021 Graduates. Stacey attested that the team is a “team of leaders and . . . I think that will help us succeed from the start”.

Resident Sports Junkie Josh Pos thinks that “they are a very talented squad and have high potential. They are so close to one another off the court which makes them even more dangerous with the chemistry they have”. In his opinion, the key to having winning team is having “a very strong work ethic as a team and the ability to pick each other up when things are going tough. If they stay true to those values, then they have the ability to compete with high caliber opponents.”

Senior Jeremy Walton, who played for the team last year, had this to say about our varsity team this year: “This year’s team is full of senior starters from the last year and have a lot of experience playing at the varsity level. The team will be good because we have so many older guys coming and starting with plenty of young Sophomore and Junior talent.” Lastly, Walton had this to say about this year’s team going to state: “They are definitely undersized but if they can keep working and just don’t be intimidated by big teams and just play basketball they surely will”.

Being a huge basketball fan myself, I am eager to see what they have in store! Especially after last year with the pandemic putting a lot of things on hold and making drastic changes to the way sports were being run and played. With all players and coaches having to wear a mask and each player was only limited to one household family member able to attend their games. Not having that fan and player interaction, not having the “crowd buzz” if you will, surely had an effect. This year will be different, these boys are coming back stronger than ever and more equipped so if you’re a basketball fan you must check out the Warren Township Varsity Boys Basketball team this year, they’re getting ready to blow the roof off of every school they visit.