Anushka Agashe – Senior Reflection


Anushka Agashe, Head Editor

There are certain quantifiable things about what being a student at Warren has been like: my SAT score, the number of AP tests I took, my locker number freshman year. What I can’t quantify is what my time at Warren has meant to me. How do I put into words the camaraderie with my classmates when we were all convinced we were going to fail a test, or the elation in the stands when the football team won another game, or the feeling of laughing around a lunch table with my friends before we had to rush to our next class? When I look back on the past four years of high school, these are the things I’ll remember.

Coming into high school, I was shy and unsure of myself. I had so many fears about what my time at Warren would be like. I’m somewhat thankful to say that if I could go back to my freshman year self, I’m not sure I’d recognize her. Somehow, in my time at Warren, I’ve become more confident, more capable, and I finally feel like I’m prepared to take on the next four years. I’ve found some of my best friends here, and made memories that I’ll never forget. Of course, none of this would have been possible without my classmates, my teachers, club sponsors, and everyone else who works behind the scenes of the school. My high school experience has given me the privilege to understand just how many people you have to rely on to be successful.

The worst part of the past four years was the realization that we were never going to have another normal high school experience after junior year was cut short (although physics tests are a close second). Even now, it’s painful to say goodbye without experiencing everything that four years would have offered. It’s strange to think that in a few months our class will be scattered across the country when we haven’t seen each other in over a year. Still, I know I’ll cherish the memories I do have from my time here and everything I’ve gained from Warren.