Avery Piktel – Senior Reflection

Welp, I’m finally at the end. I joined a couple clubs, wrote some essays, made new friends, and figured out what I liked. So how was it?


Looking back, I always feel a certain sadness. We all lost some school during the pandemic and for me it really did take over my life for a certain period of time.


But even in the darkest places there is light. I went on long nature walks, I ended up gaining a pen-pal, got to sleep-in. I remember how my parents used to yell at me for leaving zoom calls unattended, or the kid who jumped out his window during online class, or the long nights I spent with my friends watching movies while being on the phone.


Even while Junior year was weird adjusting,  I finally got experience having a talkative bus. I got to expand my friend group, I learned how to drive, and I got to experience the pain that is Physics class. The almond camps is also just significantly better. It’s not as cramped, easier to walk, and they treat you more like young adults. I realized that things do get better.


I don’t know. I’m a person who holds a lot of regrets. But if I could change only one thing, I would tell my freshman self to lighten up. That everything will turn out all right, to enjoy life, and just put myself out there a little more. That would be my advice to anyone in their high school journey.


 I guess I could still take my advice now as I head off to college. I feel just like my high school freshman self felt back then. This time I know though, not to be so scared. Instead, I should be excited for all the cool stuff I’m gonna get to do in the future! Like taxes. I’M KIDDING. Seriously, there’s more to life than just taxes.


While these years weren’t the best years of my life, I definitely did appreciate them. I feel like people put a lot of pressure on kids that their teenage years are going to be the greatest years. To be honest though, life doesn’t end after high school. You got a few decades to make  memories. Just live your life, and appreciate it. I know Warren helped me out. So, thank you.