Book Review: Famous Last Words

Book Review: Famous Last Words

Marlyn Gajek, Staff Writer

Everyone has his/her own horror story experiences. For Willa Cresky her horror experience starts when her mother remarries to a famous movie producer, Jonathan, and they move to a mansion of a famous movie actress named Diana Del Mar.

When Willa moves in, the first thing she does is do some magic with a candle and a ring, she does this to reach try and reach her father, whom she believes she killed… After that, she decided to go out for a late night swim and there something pulled her down and tried to make her drown. As she was under the water she looked toward the surface and there was a girl floating there. The next morning, after they have settled in, her overprotective mother tells her she can’t be swimming by herself, and the Jonathan later changes to the conversation to how there is a serial killer out on the loose that the media nicknamed the “Hollywood Killer,” he gets this name after the way he murders his victims in the form of a movie. If the character dies in the movie, then that is how the victim dies in real life, down to each detail.

Once the book continues the Willa makes friends with someone named Marine, and was told to stay away from a boy named Wyatt Shepard, who was then assigned as her chemistry partner. They have many disputes throughout the book, though it’s mainly about the Hollywood Killer, and how they connect to theWilla’s visions, sees writing on the wall, and hears random noises throughout the house periodically throughout the book.

Eventually, she and Marine get caught by this Hollywood killer, and how does she get through this predicament, well she stabs the guy with the knife in the side. She then goes to save her dad which the killer was drowning in a bathtub, and then she went to the garage found the room which Marine was being kept in and then she ran into the road to get help. Later on she was taken to the hospital where her mother wouldn’t leave her side. Once she was released, she then went to school where she gained very little attention, and a boyfriend. THE END.