BSU’s Black History Month


Kahla Boyce, Staff Writer

The Black Student Union ended Black history month with a bang as the president Zarina Morgan and vice president Bryson King hosted the Black Excellence Showcase. This event included a variety of black warren students who performed beautiful pieces of poetry expressing their love for their blackness and culture, singers who performed classics and popular hits by black musicians, and spectacular dancers who really brought the show and the audience to life.

The Black Student Union partnered up with other Warren groups such as Avanza and Unite and Inform who helped with everything behind the scenes of the show, Motion Sickness who came together with the BSU dance members to choreograph several amazing dance routines, and the Ceramics Club bringing creative and fun activities to show as well. Businesses such as Chick-Fil-A and Penn Station helped sponsor the Black Excellence Showcase which turned out to be a great success selling all that was in stock and more. The Black Student Union definitely met their goal of going big and bold for this event representing black history, excellence, love, unity, and youth.