Christians at WTHS!

Inspire, Create and Motivate!


Josiah Lewis, Writer, Reporter, Photographer

Are you a Christian and attend Warren Township High School? Are you looking for more ways to grow your Faith? Or are you flat out interested in learning more about Christianity? Well there is something new and exciting ready for you!

A website known as the LewisJournal created by Josiah Lewis has been launched with the intent to help others grow in their relationships with God and to learn more about the Christian faith. The best part about this website is that it answers frequently asked questions about the Christian life, and it also goes deeper into faith explaining hard things to understand and giving uplifting and encouraging Biblical truths. Our tagline sums it all up: “Inspire people and individuals who want to grow and help others grow in their faith, Create Christian content that deliver’s a(n) uplifting and convicting message to help others grow, and to Motivate others in the way of walking in the Christian faith.”

This website was in no way made to downplay the beliefs of others, but instead be more of an invite to help others learn more about Christianity and help them grow in faith. All are welcome to visit the website even if you have no previous knowledge or understanding of Christianity; this is still a good opportunity to learn more about, and it could help you see life in a whole new perspective. The goal is not to judge but to encourage others to seek God and gain a better understanding of who God is and what He has done! You could come from the worst possible background and we would still want you to visit the LewisJournal to find comfort in knowing God loves you.

Even though the LewisJournal is not directly related to WTHS meaning anyone can, the website was designed to reach people within the community and grow from there, and what better way to do that than to tell fellow students and classmates. In no way is anyone forced to visit, but if you have free time and feel compelled to visit you’re more than welcome!

We would more than love to have you come and visit the website; it would actually be our pleasure to deliver content centered around faith directly to you. If you choose to visit our website there are options to like, comment and share any blog post that is uploaded. There is even an option for every time a new blog post goes up to deliver it directly into your inbox. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page on one of the blogs post and it should all be right there. If you really enjoy the content posted there, there is an Instagram page as well; just search LewisJournalOfficial, and if you do want to check out the website, go to Google and type in and it should pop up!

Hopefully this website gives you an opportunity to grow in faith more and to gain more knowledge and understanding of Christian Life!