Worldly Desires

Swetha Mathai, Staff Writer

How on Earth is one to choose,
From the colors, red, white, or blue?
How on Earth is one to choose,
To sing from rock, pop, or the blues?

These are all worldly desires,
Not one of these do we get tired,
“I want it all!” as one demands,
“I don’t want it at all!” as does another,

What is the difference between a need and a want?
Is it any different from what you’ve seen and what you’ve got?
A need is something that helps us survive until the end of time
A want is something that we desire for until it runs out dry

The next time you choose from the colors red, white, or blue,
Or choose to sing from the genre rock, pop, or the blues,
Remember these desires are temporary,
There’s more on the way,
Trust me