Delivery Driver Stress


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Angel Ocampo, Staff Writer

During these unprecedented times that are upon us, a lot of people are working side jobs delivering food, groceries, and packages. These drivers experience an intense amount of stress due to customers not answering phone calls nor leaving any instructions listed in the customer section of third party food apps, as well as when restaurants do not have the food ready on timg. With Grocery delivery apps like Instacart, it also adds stress to their shoppers because the shoppers don’t know what to get their customers when an item is out of stock or is unavailable at a particular location,  Especially during this pandemic where there is panic buying, customers sometimes do not respond to their driver when it is necessary to respond to their driver. The shopper does not know what to do next besides to continue working and come back to that item. Alma Ocampo, a Grubhub driver and my mom, has said that customers don’t answer their phone when she calls them when there is a problem at the restaurant that she went to go pick up from. This adds to the stress of working as a driver, especially on inclement weather days where there is snow or rain.