Devils Be Nice!

Hey, fellow Blue Devils! Did you know that just one simple act of kindness can change the world? Starting today, you can brighten someone’s day, whether it be your best friend or your teacher, with one kind gesture. If you are the recipient of kindness or witness it within the school, you can nominate a student or staff using the online form or the nomination box that can be found in the cafeteria.

An act of kindness does not need to be grand or costly. It can be as simple as holding open the door for someone, sitting with someone new during lunch, helping a classmate with their homework, or giving someone a genuine compliment. These acts can make someone’s day and change both their world and yours. You can even start a kindness chain, as kindness inspires others. By taking part in this program, you can help spread positivity and warmth throughout our school. Devils Be Nice!