Drama Club’s Anastasia the Musical


Shannon Pharr, Staff Writer

On Friday March 17 and Saturday March 18, Drama Club presented Anastasia the Musical at the O’Plaine Auditorium. The play tells the story of Anastasia Romanov, the Grand Duchess of Russia, during the Russian Revolution of the 1920s.

Since January, Drama Club has been working extremely hard on this production. The script was noticeably well-written and featured singing with live music, including an impressive scene starring three ballerinas. On the stage, the choreography of the actors was spot-on. The crew created multiple set designs as the plot occurred over several years and in different settings. The backdrop changed every time the characters moved to a new location or entered a new year, which was exciting to watch. Members of the crew also made countless costumes for the cast. So much thought and time were dedicated to styling the costumes and they stood out brilliantly. Behind the stage, they had to quickly help the actors go from one outfit to the next in time for the following scene. Most of all, the acting was amazing and truly took the audience on an emotional roller coaster.


Interview of a Crew Member:

Q: How hard has everyone been working on this musical?

A: “People have been working incredibly hard on this production. No one in the cast or crew has an easy job, and everyone is really putting their all into this production. Everyone that’s part of it loves this show a lot, and I think that it is shown in the final product.”

Q: What are you most excited for people to see in the play?

A: “I’m most excited for people to see the costumes for the musical. They are all so unique and detailed and I think it adds so much to the show. I’m also very excited for people to see the talent of the cast and how amazing they all are in the show.”


Interview of an Audience Member:

Q: How did you enjoy the play?

A: “It was emotional and very good. It was cool that they had actual ballerinas too.”

Q: What did you think of the costumes?

A: “Wow, I really liked the 1920s-themed costumes.”

Q: How would you rate this production out of 10 stars?