Everyday Heroes Basketball Game


Harrison Levy, Staff Writer

Last Friday night, the spectacular squad of 11 teachers faced off against 10 first responders in their annual Everyday Heroes Basketball Game. This was the 3rd year of it being played. Each team has held the series to one win a piece. 



This game was full of excitement as families of teachers and first responders had the opportunity to witness a fun back and forth game. Almond teacher, Mr. Schoffstall did not disappoint, leading the team with 19 points, hitting non-stop three after three, but first responder Lima rallied back each time. With the help of being coached by Drew Stacey, the teachers were able to hold a tie at half time with the score of 25 to 25. At half time the Warren Special Recreation Association had their own mini game with everyone cheering them on. In the end the first responders came out on top with the final score of 51 to 45. Although the teachers did not win, they sure did have an amazing time playing against the first responders.