Fresh French Ratatouille


Anushka Agashe, Staff Writer

When you think of ratatouille, you probably don’t think of a French dish made with beautifully layered vegetables – I’m guessing you think of the movie with the rat. Contrary to popular belief, ratatouille is a real dish, and for how intricate it looks, it’s actually simple to make. The recipe I used is adapted from a recipe from The Comfort Kitchen. There aren’t too many definite ingredients, and the recipe is extremely adaptable. When I made it, I used:

1 eggplant

2 yellow squashes

1 red bell pepper

2 zucchinis

about ½ jar marinara sauce

olive oil

minced garlic


salt and pepper to taste

herbs/spices to taste

You will also need a round, oven-safe dish in which to construct and bake the ratatouille. Any of the vegetables can be substituted, and others can be added.

  1. Preheat the oven to 375°
  2. Cut the eggplant, squash, and zucchinis into disks – not too thick, but not too thin either!
  3. Cut the bell pepper into slices
  4. Pour marinara sauce into the bottom of the dish, making sure it’s well coated
  5. Arrange the vegetables in the dish
    1. Make a stack of one eggplant, one squash, one zucchini, and one bell pepper and put it into the dish
    2. Add more stacks to the first one, overlapping slightly
    3. Start on the outside and make concentric circles inside until the dish is filled
  6. If desired, mix the olive oil, garlic, basil, salt and pepper, and herbs and spices in a dish. This is not required, but it can add more flavor
  7. Brush the olive oil on top of the vegetables
  8. Cover the dish with a circle of parchment fitted to the disk. You might need to use tape to hold it down
  9. Bake the ratatouille for about 45 minutes until the vegetables are sufficiently cooked, but not overcooked
  10. Serve!

This classic French dish comes out beautiful and delicious with minimal effort, and the circles of carefully placed veggies are sure to impress!