Fun Facts About Poland

Marlyn Gajek, Staff Writer

People don’t know a lot about Poland, but what they do know is that Poland has gotten attacked a lot. Though to know about Poland, you’ll first need to know how it has become. Well no one knows for sure, but there is a polish legend that has been told throughout the schools, that one day as a man was walking through a forest he found a white eagle laying there on the ground, fallen out of the nest, picked it up and said that this is going to be the national bird of my country, Poland. Though it may not be true, that is still why the national bird is White Eagle. Also like all other countries they to have a national anthem, Mazurek Dąbrowskiego; Poland is not yet lost. If your now interested in Poland but have nowhere to go, check out Zakopane, famous for its salt mines, and the infamous Auschwitz, which is said once you walk through the gates you just want to cry.

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