Homecoming Parade – Recap!


Noelle Cheong, Contributor to Scratch Paper

Onlookers gathered along O’Plaine road on September 24th, Saturday morning to watch the WTHS Homecoming “Devils in Hollywood” Parade. Students in the parade from Warren Township Highschool walked, drove, or rode on floats to showcase the various clubs and activities the school has to offer, passing out candy, flyers, or informational cards. There was no doubt the parade was on its way down the red carpet as bands blared, cheerleaders chanted, and music accompanied the floats. 
The sirens of fire trucks and police cars announced the parade’s arrival, and children on the sidelines would cover their ears while curiously and excitingly peering down the road. They were there for one thing, maybe two things: candy and possibly seeing an older sibling. The emergency vehicles were followed by the Homecoming Royalty robed in their sashes, smiling and waving. The winners, out of the 6 nominations for each grade, were announced at the pep rally on Wednesday, and the senior royalty winners were announced before the homecoming football game. Following them were the Warren Township Highschool graduating class of 1982, rocking old school Warren merch and blasting familiar songs from their high school glory days. The most enthusiastic float of the day, the stars rode down with huge smiles on their faces. “It’s wonderful to return after all those years,” says organizer Mary Minehart, who set up the float for the alumni. “They’re all just excited to relive any memories.” Once Elton John and Paul McCartney fades in the distance, the Warren fight song bellows from a sea of red and green as the Viking and Woodland Middle School bands march down the road. Steven Boswell and Glenn Eikenberry, the conductors of the Viking Middle School marching band, always take in the Woodland Middle School during the Homecoming parade, and the respective drumlines take turns playing their cadences. Characterized by a school-wide rivalry, Homecoming season is one of the only times that the Viking and Woodland
bands play in harmony.
  The Gurnee and Wadsworth queens followed in cars after the band, dressed in gowns and beautiful smiles. Warren senior Amanda Hammann, Miss Wadsworth 2022, smiled and waved from a car covered in stickers. WTHS Students of Service followed behind, with a fun, decorated car and several students in SOS riding in the back. This led to a flurry of Warren clubs on foot with posters, including the South Asian Student Association, the Creations magazine, the WTHS youth football team, World Languages Club, the Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society, and the Spanish National Honor Society. All of these clubs were represented by dedicated students of Warren Township Highschool that chose to walk in the parade on a Saturday morning, and many of the clubs handed out candy or flyers.  Warren Township Cheer and Poms were up next, with catchy cheers and coordinated dance moves. The young girls stole the hearts of the crowd, earning many smiles and a chorus of “awww” as they danced with the high school girls. Behind them followed the Warren Blue Devils Marching band, a well-oiled machine as they played the songs they had memorized for a year- for several, at least four years. They were followed by Pride Club, a wash of bright colors and an adorable puppy walking with them wearing a rainbow outfit. The Devilettes, the Warren Township Highschool dance team, followed shortly after, with a dance routine ready for competitions. Somehow looking flawless amidst the parade environment and the chilly weather, the Devilettes were some of the more enthusiastic students even while dancing.  The parade was wrapped up by the Drama Club and the Student Council. Inviting attendees to visit their showing of Julius Caesar, the Drama Club members held out small informational cards and some dressed up in costume. “It was my favorite club by far,” said a spectator on the side. “A great way to end the parade.” He was referring specifically to Junior Giovanni Tate, who showed up and showed out in a full dress despite the colder weather. Their performance of Julius Caesar will take place September 29th to October 1st at 7pm at the O’Plaine stadium. The tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. Current attending students of Warren can get in for free.
Overall, the parade was a fantastic showing of some of the extracurriculars Warren Township Highschool has to offer. An appreciative environment full of excitement created the
perfect parade atmosphere.