“House of Horrors”

Swetha Mathai, Staff Writer

David and Louis Turpin were arrested on January 14, 2018, after one of their daughters, aged 17, escaped their house in Perris, California. The victim escaped and called the police of Riverside County. David and Louis are charged with child endangerment and torture. They are sentenced to 94 years to life imprisonment. As of today, they are pleading to be not guilty. The next hearing will be at the end of February.

David and Louis Turpin were married in 1985 when David was 23 and Louis was 16. They have 13 children and lived in Perris, California. The children’s ages range from 2-29 years old. After their 17-year-old daughter managed to escape from their home through a window, with a cell phone, which she had been planning to within the past year, she called the police. When the police met with the girl, they could not believe that she was 17 years old since she was extremely malnourished. The police arrived at the Turpins’ home after being notified by the 17-year-old victim. When Louis opened the door, she seemed to be in bewilderment as to why the police were at their front door. When the police entered through the door, there were feces everywhere in the home, on the walls, and on the floors. There was a horrific odor throughout the house, and children were chained to their beds. They were supposedly homeschooled but lacked basic knowledge. Many of them did not know what a police officer was. One of their children, at aged 12, weighed the same amount of what a 7-year-old should be weighed. The 29-year-old female victim only weighed about 82 pounds. When the police asked the 17-year-old if there were any medication or pills in their home, she could not answer because she did not know what medication or pills were. It has been discovered that David and Louis had strange schedules for their children to follow. They would sleep all day, and have the children march around the house at night. The children were only allowed to shower once a year and the parents would buy food and leave it on the kitchen counter, for the children to look at. The children were physically, mentally and emotionally abused.

As to why David and Louise abused their children for more than 20 years, it has remained to be unknown. Police and other officials are further investigating. The children are currently at a medical center, admitted for treatment. Although malnourished, they are stable and appear to be friendly.