Importance of Athletic Trainers in High School Sports


Reese Divis, Staff Writer

If you are an athlete here at Warren or know people that are, I’m sure you’ve heard about our athletic training program. Many athletes here at Warren use the athletic trainers daily to keep their body in check in order to perform best in their sport. They provide a variety of equipment and treatment to help you and your athletic needs. Additionally, at any sporting event you attend, you will notice at least one trainer present and ready to assist any emergent injuries. But what really is athletic training and how can you benefit from it?

Athletic Trainers mainly take care of injury and illness prevention, along with performing therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries. They are the first to respond to an injury and can provide the best care possible from the start. Athletic trainers don’t always take care of major injuries, however, and more commonly treat more minor injuries like muscle tightness or joint irritation. Preventing an injury is just as important as treating its onset, hence why athletic trainers are so important. They help to prevent an injury from becoming altering or ending one’s playing season, both of which can significantly impact an athlete’s high school career.

Athletic training rooms can be found at both the O’Plaine and Almond campuses. So, no matter where you practice, an Athletic Training room can be found. Some sports tend to require more athletic training attention, and therefore, these rooms may be more crowded during certain sports seasons. As an athlete, I can safely say that our athletic training rooms are some of the best in comparison to surrounding schools in terms of size and availability. A recent study found that over one third of all high schools nationwide don’t have access to a licensed or certified athletic trainer, so Warren athletes should take advantage of the fact that we do. Keeping athletes competitive and healthy is the key to success in high school sports and athletic trainers do just that and more.