Is thrifting really worth it?


Clara Hooker, Staff Editor

Are you interested in sprucing up your wardrobe AND helping the environment? If so, go thrifting! Thrifting has so many benefits for the environment and for you.

For one, by thrifting, you are able to cut down some of the waste produced in the world. When companies are creating new clothing items, they tend to overproduce in hopes that people will keep buying them. However 85% of all of our clothes end up in landfills or burned, releasing harmful greenhouse gasses, furthering the pollution crisis. This becomes problematic for the economy. The cost of disposing of these products cost hundreds of millions a year. In short, by purchasing reused items, you are able to cut down some of that waste and contribute to saving our Earth. 

Another positive of thrifting is having the ability to create a unique sense of style. When you buy things first hand, it is likely that another person will have previously owned the same thing. There is no issue with that, and it can be fun to express yourself in different ways. For me, thrifting sparks my creativity. I love finding original pieces of clothing and creating new outfits for a myriad of occasions. Thrift stores don’t apply to just clothes either! Almost every decoration I have in my room I’ve found at a thrift store. From picture frames to lampshades to tapestries, I can find a place for these decorative unique items. 

In the end, it is your choice whether to go thrifting or not. For some, it doesn’t seem necessary, or it could even seem like a waste of time, but even just going once to test it out could affect the environment in a positive way and modify your wardrobe, possibly for the better.