Lake County Law Exploratory Program


Anika Agashe, Staff Writer

Have you ever watched a show about law and wondered how the criminal justice system really works? With the Boy Scout’s Law Program at the Lake County Court House, you can do just that. Even though this is part of the Boy Scout’s Explorer program, anyone, regardless of gender, is free to join. The program is run by attorneys who’ve done almost every aspect of the justice system, from probation officers to defense attorneys. For example, at the last meeting on January 30th, we met with a probation officer who talked about how they give each person a fair trial and the gain from that. Each meeting is from around 6:30 to 8:00, and it’s a really fun program that gives you an opportunity to explore the law in a fun, thought-provoking way. Past the fun, they also let you ask the questions that you want to, which allows you to truly learn. If you’ve ever been interested in criminal law, I definitely recommend giving this program a shot by going to the next meeting, which is on February 27th. It’s important to know your rights, not just for your own safety, but for the betterment of society.


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