Lights, Camera, Action and Zombies?

Jaden Cohn and Daniel Michalec, Staff Writer

It’s officially fall, which can only mean one thing: the fall play!

This year, Warren Theatre will be performing Night of the Living Dead. Throughout the last couple weeks, the cast and crew have worked extremely hard to perfect every scene, lighting fixture, costume, and sound bar. In an interview with Mr. Miller, the director of the show, there are a total of about 75 students that show up every day to work on this play! In addition, Mr. Miller stated, “Students are learning something, right? About acting, about tech, about theatre, about this community that we created” when asked about what he is looking forward to with the outcome of the show. He also stated that it is more about the process. This allows for the director to watch as all of the pieces of the puzzle fall into place to create a masterpiece. In that same interview with Mr. Miller, he gave the analogy, “it’s the difference between reading a book about WW2 and fighting- storming the beaches of Normandy” when asked about the difference between last years and this year’s performance.

There are also quite a few differences between this year’s play and last year’s play. The main difference is that this year is finally back in person, and last year was all in a remote setting. In an interview with Becca Katz, the president of Drama club, she was asked about her thoughts on the difference from this year and last year.  “A lot of the challenges we had to do online, we don’t have those challenges here, which is very nice.” She also mentioned that during the show last year, her internet bugged out and she was kicked out of the zoom call on opening night. We love technology! The performance was not able to be at its full effect as it is this year with the costumes, make up, and choreographed fight scenes. Speaking of which, Becca also stated that they are able to have a fight director/choreographer to teach the zombies and actors stage combat.

This production and preparation for this play is going all out. You DO NOT want to miss out! I repeat you DO NOT want to miss out! Go get your tickets! October 28th-30th are the show dates/Halloween weekend in the O’Plaine Auditorium. Just remember, “They’re coming for you!” “GRRRRRRR!!!” *zombie noises*