More About The Track Team, feat. Coach Williams

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More About The Track Team, feat. Coach Williams

head coach Williams

head coach Williams

head coach Williams

head coach Williams

Eric Buchanan, Staff Writer

Boys’ track is one of the many numerous sports Warren has to offer. It’s also one of the most popular sports at Warren.

This year is the first time Coach Williams has been the head coach of boys’ track.

I asked Mr. Williams what it’s like being head coach so far and he replied, “It has been fun in my first year as the boys track head coach.  I like that I get to work with the entire team and get to know everyone on the team rather than just the event group that I have worked with in the past.  I also enjoy the challenge of leading a team and trying to provide them with the best opportunities possible to be successful, not just on the track but in their life.”

His favorite things about being head coach is “building the relationships that I have with my athletes and the assistant coaches.  I enjoy watching them grow to be not just great athletes, but good people who will go on to do great things in their lives.”

When asked about how much experience he has with track and with coaching the sport, Coach Williams said: “I have been around track my entire life.  My father was a track guy as well as my older brothers. I ran track throughout middle school and in high school. I was fortunate to be on some really successful track teams placing 3rd in State my Junior year, and 4th in state my senior year. I started coaching track when I was in my last year of college.  I have been coaching track at Warren for 5 years.”

I also asked him what his first impression of the boys were, to which he told me, “My first impression of the team so far is that this is a really talented and hard working group of young men. We probably are the most talented distance team since I started coaching here at Warren. We have a group of dedicated sprinters and jumpers who seem to get better every day, and they are hungry to get better.”

Coach Williams shares, “I am really looking forward to seeing what they do once the weather warms up a little bit and we start running in some competitive meets.  The throwers and vaulters are young, but they are getting better each and every day and are going to see their hard work payoff for them.  We are starting to come together as a team and I am excited about this group because they are motivated to get better.”

I also talked to one of the boys to get their opinions on the new head coach, asking freshman Nathan Dole:

How do you think the season will go with Mr. Williams as head coach?

“He’s already been pushing a lot of us and making us strive to be better as a team and individuals. He’s made sure that our team has close chemistry and we’ve been racking up points together. I believe we’ll do great things with him as head coach.”

What do you like about track?

“I like how it’s very individual, you need to find your own strengths and specialties. but you also have to be working for your teammates as well, giving and receiving support. I don’t go a rep without hearing cheers from my teammates and the coaches, also they never play favorites everyone is treated the same, if someone from varsity messes up or does something stupid he would be treated the same as anyone else on the team.”

What do you think about Coach Williams?

“I’ve only known him since the beginning of the indoor season, [and] he’s intimidating and expects a lot from everyone, but he’s really supportive and truthful. How a coach should be.”

Thank you Nathan, for showing us how Coach Williams cares and supports his team in every way.

Coach Oddo was another person that I interviewed about Coach Williams. Oddo says, “Coach Williams is an outstanding coach. He is deeply committed to helping our athletes become the best track athletes they can possibly be. He is a humble man with great conviction and character. We are fortunate to have him as a teacher and coach at WTHS!”

Coach Oddo’s favorite parts about track practice and meets are “seeing the growth in our athletes from year to year as well as month to month during the season. I also enjoy seeing them develop as god young men. We always talk about preparing to be great husbands and fathers and citizens by learning to rise above the difficult circumstances that are before them each day. My least favorite is the weather in north Illinois!”

As to what he is looking forward to this season, Coach Oddo’s answer was “The Big Three Meets – Conference, Sectionals, and State. The team rises to the top in these big meets in May.”

I hope the boys continue to do well in their track meets and make it to conference, sectionals, and state. Your school is rooting for you!!

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