Movie Review – The Greatest Showman.

Farha Khan, Staff Writer

I had the opportunity to see “The Greatest Showman” when it came out with my family, and when I tell you it was amazing, it was undeniably amazing. The whole team behind the movie did a great job of bringing the famous showman P.T. Barnum’s story to life. Especially with the songs, I have been replaying the whole soundtrack since I’ve seen the movie. Every song fits the storyline perfectly I mean “A Million Dreams” and “This is Me” are totally gut-wrenching yet soul-searching songs that make me feel like I so alive.  The film seemed to hit every issue that we face in today’s world like racism, scrutiny for being out of the ordinary, judgment because of your background. I never felt so at peace until I saw this movie. If you’ve been looking for a good, warm, and tear-jerking story “The Greatest Showman” is for you, I mean I am already an emotional person so it was already sob-worthy for me especially everytime a song came on, but that’s not the point this movie is perfect for 2018 especially with what we’re facing in society nowadays with backlash for what your skin color is, your belief system, etc. This movie was so good that I saw it a second time and I still loved it.

Don’t miss out and go see the movie when you can! You won’t regret it.