Mr.Warren 2020


Marlyn Gajek, Staff Writer

March 6th, 2020.

That was the date of this year’s fourth annual Mr.Warren contest. The contest is one where the males who have signed up to compete and show off their wonderful talents they wish to showcase to the audience, and then they all answer some questions.

This year’s competition had 11 competitors: Matt Pawl, Dru Jasnoch, JR Singleton, Ben Cortes, Asvin Ragunathan, Nelson Austria, Demetrius Palmer, Myles Chua, Travis Wallander, Shan DeCastro, and Matt Rich. They each had a week to practice their talents and then to present on that Friday night.

While they had time to practice those events, they did not have time to think of the answers to the mystery questions they would be asked, one silly question followed by one serious question, with no competitor ever getting the same question as the previous one to ensure that they did not just think of an answer before hand and that it is a genuine answer. But of course why would they be competing in this contest, there has to be a prize. Well the person who wins the entire contest wins two free prom tickets and the school pays for the tuxedo which they would wear for that night.

So who won the contest?

Jason Vega won the contest for most unique, Nelson Austria won second place, and the winner of it all is: Travis Wallander.

These boys all had a wonderful time competing and getting to know each other. Though this competition is not just any competition, but the boys go around collecting money for a charity or someone who needs it. This year they raised over five thousand dollars for Mr. Dawson, a retired math teacher, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  These boys are all winners for collecting the amount of money that they did for such an amazing cause.