MSA’s Hijab Day

Myrah Beverly and Jack Berens

From February 1st-7th, Warren’s Muslim Student Association presented a hijab week in order to defuse harmful misconception about the Islamic veil.

In the first six days, facts about the hijab appeared in the announcements. Then on February 7, 2017, the hijab was unveiled for all students (overwhelmingly non-Muslim) to try on the veil for his/herself. To clarify, the hijab, Arabic for “cover,” is the garment worn by Muslim women around adult men aside from their immediate family.

Students, both male and female, adored the experience and shared pictures of themselves on social media and through messaging with their friends. MSA’s co-President, Neshmia Malik, stated that a purpose of Hijab Week was “to bring awareness to the  beauty and integrity that women hold with wearing it.”  It was a wonderful idea and display of unity, particularly in the aftermath of President Trump’s (temporarily blocked) travel ban to and from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Rhetoric aside, this opportunity allowed some outsiders to Islam to become even more connected to the religion’s culture and believers.  Bringing people together is what the country stands for, after all.

MSA Co-President, Neshmia Malik, and junior, Katie Lavris
Seniors Josh Wilson and Brandon Ryczek wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh