No More Snow Days?

Image courtesy of Maxwell Elementary School


Image courtesy of Maxwell Elementary School

Anna Wheeler, Editor

Waking up to a crisp white sheet of snow outside your window has always been a pleasant surprise for young students. The possibility of having a snow day is a welcome change, but the popularization of Zoom may end this long standing tradition.

Snow days provide many benefits for students. A plethora of students struggle during the school year to find time to get a proper amount of sleep between their coursework, after school activities, and part-time jobs. An unexpected day off allows students to get that much needed rest and finally recharge their bodies and brains. This day is traditionally a fun time to bond with your family by either going out and playing in the snow or staying indoors and spending time together. It is a mental health break that is a pocket of peace in between the chaos of the school year. 

However, snow days as we know them may cease to exist. With remote learning, teachers have quickly adapted to the Zoom and Google Meets format with their classes. It is as easy as two clicks to come face to face with their students despite being miles apart. While many schools have not confirmed if they are going to make Zoom mandatory when the weather worsens in the following years, there is a very high possibility of that happening. 

While teachers may personally enjoy snow days, they are missing out on a day of material, which the school board looks down upon. Especially for high schoolers, and specifically students in AP classes, those few days contain vital information for the course. Being able to stay caught up in the unit is a deal the school board may not pass up.

Despite the negative reaction to the potential cancellation of snow days, it is a reality that students and teachers alike may need to face.