O’Plaine Pep Rally

OPlaine Pep Rally

Ayeesha Baig, Staff Writer

On October 10th, 2019 the freshman and sophomores had their homecoming assembly. It consisted of lots of hype, competitions, great music, and a fun time. Not to mention, a great performance by Warren’s drumline. 

To start off, the students walked in through the gym doors with the drumline booming behind them. In the gym the band was playing music with a Marvel theme. They did a great job of entertaining everyone until the principal, along with the two announcers, took over. 

They hyped everyone up and welcomed the freshman to our Warren spirit. After a quick overview of our accomplishments last year, they listed some of the events that were upcoming (the Homecoming Dance and the Homecoming Parade). 

Shortly after, there was a face off between representatives from the Warren Football team and the Warren Powderpuff team. It was a competition where two kids hold up a hula hoop while the Football/Powderpuff player tries to throw a foam football through the hole. There were four boys and four girls (two throwing and two receiving). After a fun face off, the girls from Powderpuff won! 

To follow that up, there was a competition between representatives of the freshman, sophomores, and teachers. They had to lie down on a scooter with their stomach face down, and “swim” their way from one end of the gym to the other and then switch with their teammates (there being four teammates). Whoever got through all of their people first was the winner. The results were Freshman in 1st place, Teachers in 2nd, and Sophomores in 3rd. 

The most chaotic part of the pep rally was what followed this competition: the spirit stick competition. The sophomores were constantly booing the freshman in a way of intimidation even before the competition began. After both grades were given a chance to be at their loudest, they announced the winner…. Sophomores! After the mascot pointed the spirit stick towards the sophomores, a huge celebration broke out. Many sophomores who were very excited ran out onto the court and swarmed the mascot. In the chaos of the mass of students jumping everywhere, it is said that a dean ended up being knocked over. 

In an effort to try and get the students back to their seats, the administrators shouted multiple times into the mic “Sit down!”. After the sophomores did not listen to the administrators, the principal took over the situation by disqualifying the sophomores and giving the spirit stick to the freshmen. The 10th graders were devastated and went back to their seats. There were so many frustrated sophomores who couldn’t believe what was happening. The assembly ended after a short message by the principal about expectations and behavior. Later in the day, many fights broke out all over school. It isn’t confirmed if all of the fights were related to the assembly or not. This was for sure one assembly day we will never forget.