Organized Space, Organized Mind


Anna Wheeler, Editor

With online school being in full swing, teenagers have begun to sink into a deep unproductive state. Being successful with these unwanted circumstances is difficult, but not impossible. One of the main ways that I have found to improve motivation and school performance centers around the space that you do your school work in.


In this phase, the rate at which students are keeping up with their work is at an all-time low. Teachers are frustrated and students are exhausted. If you are a student who is struggling with learning and retaining information, one of the best things to do is to keep a clean room. An organized space leads to a decluttered mindset. Multiple studies have shown a correlation between those who clean their room often with those who perform better in school. I have found that cleaning my room every morning helps me feel accomplished which in turn keeps me wanting to continue to feel accomplished by completing more tasks, namely schoolwork.


While you may prefer working in your room or a different space, it is incredibly helpful to find a desk space to use solely for school. I have a desk in my bedroom that I try to use as frequently as I can. Decorating that desk to your personal liking can improve your mood as you will learn to associate the happy decor with happy thoughts. It is also important to keep the desk as clear as you can of any unnecessary items. Try to keep everything that is related to your schoolwork in one place. I keep all my textbooks in a bag right next to my desk and all my school supplies in the drawers. 


The hardest thing to do during e-learning is to get out of bed in the morning. I for one am guilty of starting class off snuggled under my warm blankets, unwilling to get up. This bad habit led to a lack of retaining the coursework and caused me to be generally more unproductive. I quickly learned that this was not going to work for the entire semester. I have found that classical music and washing your face immediately after you wake up can help start the day on a positive note and allows you to not crawl back into bed.


Despite how difficult online learning can be for both teachers and students, the best thing to do is to continue to push forward and get through these tough times for your own wellbeing.


My desk space is pictured below: