Own The Mat!!

Victoria Wagner, Staff Writer

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up again.”

There are many sports that one can join in Warren, and not all would be right for your interests, but there are some that may just right for you. Wrestling Coach Janecek exclaims that he “feel[s] wrestling is the greatest sport in the world! In today’s society, everyone is expectant of or looking for the quick fix. In wrestling, there are no quick fixes. You have to put the time in, fail, then analyze and get better. No sport compares.” Anyone and everyone can join wrestling: it teaches toughness, there is no entitlement, and it instills confidence.  Additionally, wrestling teaches discipline, and all wrestlers come in different shapes and sizes so everyone is equal and learn how to respect their opponents and team members. Coach Janecek continues that he “enjoy[s] a wrestler’s outlook and mentality. Wrestlers voluntarily participate in a sport that is difficult, frustrating, and often painful. Wrestling is definitely not a sport for all people. I like to converse and hang out with people who share those same values.”

If you have any questions about anything regarding wrestling contact the head coach, Mr. Janecek at, [email protected] and the assistant coach Mr. Ouimette at, [email protected]