Patrick Sengco: A LEADER Among Men

Kaiden Britton, Contributor to Scratch Paper

From being the tallest player to the shortest, Patrick Sengco has always stood out on the court. Patrick Sengco is a Warren Township High School senior who just completed his last high school basketball game. Patrick fell in love with the game at the age of 4 after watching actor Adam Sandler in the movie Grown Ups. When he was younger, he was one of the taller kids playing the sport and even the tallest at times. As time went on, however, that trend started to diminish. Players grew and grew. Patrick remained the same physically but his mind didn’t. He was always determined to play and make an impact on the court.  

Nothing came overnight to him. “In third through sixth grade, I was sometimes the biggest kid. Maybe one of the bigger guards. As I got older, everybody would be taller than me and of course, I would become the shortest on the team and most of the time the shortest on the court. It would be dehumanizing at times. I had to adapt a lot. I worked relentlessly on adjusting my game. I also got my teammates involved, in defense, and how I can impact my team the best without scoring.”

When asked if his height difference affected the way he played, he said “Yes. For example, I would have to change my pace a lot. Being smaller, everybody predicts that I play fast. Playing slow and fast would make me unpredictable. Plus, I settle for more jump shots than lay-ups since I’m going against some trees out there.”

Coming into his senior year, his mentality was one of someone ready to give it their all no matter the obstacles. Patrick’s head coach, Coach Ryan, said “Patrick started the season coming off the bench, but eventually earned a starting role with his great work ethic and coachability. He had some very big games for us towards the end of the season and was one of the team’s best shooters.”

Everyone took notice of Patrick at games not only because of the glaring height difference but also because of the talent he displayed. Whether it was taking a charge from a player blaring down the lane or knocking down the open shot, people left the game remembering how good he played and not that he was the smallest on the court. He played like someone of a large stature and earned the respect of all. 


Besides his amazing basketball skills and intelligence, he has also been a great leader. Patrick has never shied away from stepping up, which is reflected in how he carries himself and how his teammates commend his leadership. He was voted team captain by his teammates and grew to be a big part of the Warren Blue Devil Team. Adrian Jones, a teammate Patrick has played with all four years of high school, said “He is the glue of the team that keeps everything going. He hustles on the court harder than anyone and cares about everybody off the court.”

Patrick may not have been dealt the best hand, but that never stopped him from doing what he loved. When asked about the greatest adversity that he’s faced, he said “being short most of my career of playing basketball. Also, I have suffered a dislocated shoulder and a high ankle sprain back-to-back.” Through a shoulder dislocation, high ankle sprain, and even a worldwide pandemic, Patrick managed to accomplish so much while giving back to his teammates and the greater Warren community.  There is a lot that stands out about Patrick, but his coach highlighted his character. “Patrick is respected by all of his coaches, teammates and teachers in the building at WTHS. He will be successful in whatever he chooses to do the rest of his life.” Patrick is more than just a basketball player that has overcome some adversity. Rather, he is someone who helps and leads. He will be remembered far more for his upstanding character and bubbly personality. He has impacted all of the people around him, like a true LEADER!