Philosophia: Vol. III

A collection of random yet (hopefully) profound thoughts

Sophia Diaz, Staff Writer

She sat amidst the melancholy beauty of the rain within the comfort of her picturesque porch. A chilling breeze would entice any other person to go inside, but the mood of the moment called her to stay. She was reading a classic novel, full of regret, chaos, thrill, and romance. She had to stay outside. A mysterious steam flowed from the roof – why, she did not know, but it was wondrous to behold. The girl had learned that sometimes it is best not to question beauty – to admire, simply, without analysis, took some practice for this pensive young woman, but she had come to give way to her more imaginative side in poetic moments such as this. Like a character in her story, she was “within and without”; she was one with nature and the crying sky, yet secure, protected by the embrace of her home (F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby).