Pre-March Madness: Conference Championship Predictions

Jack Berens, Co-editor

Last year, I made five predictions for the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament.  In my defense, I set out to be bold.  I clearly whiffed.  I was 1/2 for 5.  The only scrap of a prediction I got right was that Louisville (a two seed) would miss the Sweet Sixteen, and they did.  However, I also thought in the same prediction (#4 on my list) that Arizona would miss the Sweet Sixteen too.  They ended up making the Sweet 16 but lost.

Before I make a fool of myself with another five-piece set of bold March Madness predictions, I’d like to warm up.  Since the University of Michigan won the Big Ten (GO BLUE)!, I have five high-major conferences to predict here.  I guess I can only go up from here.

I predict that Villanova will win the Big East; Duke will win the ACC; Arizona will win the Pac 12; Kansas will win the Big 12; Florida will win the SEC.

Seedings in each predicted winner’s respective tournaments are as follows: Villanova, Duke – 2 / Kansas, Arizona – 1 / Florida – 3.